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FlyControl sport 166x300 Fly Control ProductsFlies are a nuisance and harmful to your livestock in the warmer months, specifically April through September. Horses can become very irritable as they flies are attracted to moist areas and collect rapidly around “goopy” places like their eyes. Cattle can experience reduced weight gains and their hide can suffer from the fly puncture wounds. Never the less, it is worth the investment in fly control products for your animals.

Control the flies around your horses with manure management, fly spray, fly masks, fly sheets, and automatic fly spray systems. Do you have cattle? Use pour-on, spray-on, or rub-on insecticides, insecticide dusts, or ear tags to control adult flies on animals. You can also offer Purina’s Wind and Rain® Fly Control Minerals. They are designed to reduce fly populations. Flies cause significant discomfort for cattle. As part of an integrated fly control program, Purina’s Wind and Rain with Altosid (MTH), helps restore cattle comfort while reducing factors that cause poor performance, and decreased grazing time.

McGregor General Store offers a variety of fly control products to keep your livestock  healthy and happy.



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August 2018


“On Wed 8/13/14 I experienced excellent customer at your business. I was running an errand for my wife who purchased a dog treats earlier this week. She had texted my at message to let me know what you happen. When I entered your business and being unfamiliar with the stock, I asked for some assistance. All of the young female employees were able to assist me...one looked at text msg and other with to find I needed. They were very helpful and courteous. They are assets for your business.”
by Jim Gammel via email